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March 30 / 2016

WORLDiscoveries, a leading company which supports medical innovation, just highlighted the Family Medicine Study Guide!

Please check out the website…

WORLDiscoveries Highlights


March 08 / 2016

This just in…

The world’s leading online publication for mobile medical technology and health care apps reviewed the Family Medicine Study Guide !!   The results…  We did great!

This was quite a surprise as we never submitted the app for an official review.  Check it out !!!  Thanks ! review



February 12 / 2016

We are currently working on the next update for the Study Guide!

This free upgrade will include additional SAMPs, rapid fire questions as well as links to additional resources and guidelines. We are also working on a new “Quick Pix” section which will include dermatology photos and questions. 

We hope to get this update to you shortly before the CFPC exam in April! When you have time, please complete the feedback survey included in the App! 

Due to the overwhelming support for the “Study Buddy” we are already in a position to start partnering with great charities! We’ll keep you posted. Check out this website or our Facebook Page for more information…


February 06 / 2016