What makes this app special?


Enhance your learning with "Short Answer Management Problems" designed to test you on a variety of key points that are relevant to each case.  Links to additional resources and guidelines allow you to explore each topic in further detail in order to compliment your learning experience.  Track your progress by completing cases and flagging others that may require additional work.

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"Clinical Pearls"

Each case includes "Clinical Pearls" that offer quick reminders and tricks to help commit key information to memory.  Emphasize your learning with acronyms, patterns and keywords! 

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"Rapid Fire Questions"

Short on time?  Test yourself with "Rapid Fire Questions" that quiz you on random topics in Family Medicine.  They're a great way to improve spontaneous recall.

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"Quick Pix"

Improve your dermatology skills with the "Quick Pix" Section!  Real patient images and relevant clinical questions are perfect for preparing you for real-world primary care dermatology cases.

"Crash Courses"

Got a few minutes to crash a topic?  The new "Crash Course" section features a "choose your own adventure" style of learning.  Read a case, get asked questions, select your answers, see explanations, view videos, see images and get points!  Now you can experience clinical scenarios as they unfold!  Enjoy the adventure!


"Learn on the Go" with the new Mini-Podcast Section.  These short, concise and clinically relevant podcasts will help improve your clinical skills and review key topics that are required for everyday primary care practice.

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